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Special Needs Dentistry for Kids in San Antonio, TX

At Tots to Teens Pediatric Dentistry, we want to be able to work with any family that wants to make our practice their child’s primary pediatric dental office. To make this a reality, we have made it a priority to offer services that can work well for children of all different ages and backgrounds. If you would like to learn more about our accommodations for children with special needs or our treatment options, please contact our front office, and one of our friendly team members will be happy to assist you.

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Are pediatric dentists qualified to care for patients with special needs?

Pediatric dentists are uniquely qualified to care for patients with special needs. Every dentist must attend dental school to earn their doctorate, but anyone who wants to become a pediatric dentist must also complete a few additional years of training. During this time, dentists learn how to cater to the unique needs of children as well as patients with special needs. Because of this, many adult patients who have special needs will actually visit pediatric dental offices to receive the specific, personalized care that they require.

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Will my child need special care during their dental treatment?

If you are not sure whether your child will need special accommodations or not, we recommend getting in touch with our office and explaining your concerns. We can let you know how our team can serve your child and whether or not we will need anything from you during their visit. Some children find it very difficult to sit still for extended periods of time, in which case we may recommend dental sedation. Some children with special needs need general anesthesia for certain visits, which we can provide for them at a nearby hospital.

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How can I prepare my special needs child for their visit?

We recommend that parents speak to their children in a way that makes dentistry sound very positive and avoid words like “hurt,” “drill,” and “shot.” Buying picture books about dental care or bringing your child in for a quick tour of our office can also help them become more familiar with dentistry and dental practices. Your child can also bring a favorite toy with them to keep them calm and distracted, and our private treatment rooms come with flatscreen TVs and cozy blankets that can make their experiences much more relaxed and comfortable.

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