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Your Child’s First Dental Visit in San Antonio, TX

At Tots to Teens Pediatric Dentistry in San Antonio, we know that first time dental visits can make you or your child anxious. Our team believes that dental visits from a young age play a role in the success of your child’s future dental health. Our practice is entirely kid-friendly, allowing your child’s first dentist visit to be more comfortable than expected. To learn more about our kid-friendly services or schedule your child’s first dentist visit with us, get in touch with our front office team!

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At what age should a child go to the dentist for the first time?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children have their first dentist visit by their first birthday. While this is a general guideline for when a child’s first dentist visit happens, each child’s developmental stages are different. The actual age at which they visit the dentist for the first time will vary. Some children may have their first tooth coming in as soon as four months, and others may come later.

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When should a child first visit the dentist?

Ultimately, as soon as you see your child developing teeth or around the age of one is when you should take your child to the dentist. Even if your child has not developed teeth by this time, it is important to get their gums and jaw examined by a professional. A few things can cause a delay in the standard time frame of when a tooth should erupt, but there isn’t a need to worry as the dentist can examine your child’s mouth and tell you what to expect.

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What happens at your child’s first dentist appointment?

When your child’s first dentist visit is confirmed, you may be nervous about what to expect. But a child’s first dentist visit is nothing to be nervous about when you choose our practice. For a child around the age of 12 months, there will be an exam of the teeth, jaws, bite, and gums to check growth and development. If it is a first dentist visit for a toddler, their teeth placement and oral health status will also be examined. We understand your child might be even older than the suggested age, so our team at Tots to Teens Pediatric Dentistry will make sure you and your child will have everything needed to feel comfortable along with the correct service.

You will also get information about dental care and a routine to do at home before your next visit. From there, we will set up a follow-up visit to continue to keep your child’s teeth healthy!

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