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Baby Root Canals for Kids in San Antonio, TX

Even adults are often intimidated by the prospect of a root canal, so it’s understandable that parents might have concerns about scheduling one for their child. However, modern dentistry makes the procedure largely painless and stress-free. Baby root canals are also usually only recommended as a last resort, in the event that no other restorative options can resolve the problem. If a root canal is the only way to save your child’s tooth, Tots to Teens is committed to providing gentle care to make sure your child’s dental experience is a positive one. Give us a call to schedule your child’s appointment today!

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What is a Baby Root Canal?

Baby root canals are performed when the interior soft tissues of the tooth become infected. This can happen in a tooth that’s broken or damaged, but even a tiny hole in the surface of a tooth is enough for bacteria to enter through. The extent of the root canal will vary depending on the severity of the infection, but the procedure generally follows the same steps. After anesthetic or dental sedation are applied, a small hole is made in the tooth so that the infected tissue can be removed and the tooth disinfected. After the procedure the tooth is sealed to block off further infection.

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Do Baby Teeth Really Need Root Canals?

Just because baby teeth will eventually fall out on their own doesn’t mean they aren’t important! Baby teeth help to guide adult teeth into place and make a big difference in the development of your child’s dental health. A prematurely missing baby tooth can even cause children to develop a misaligned bite that can lead to problems further down the line. To be safe it’s best to save teeth from falling out prematurely whenever possible.

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How Much Does a Baby Root Canal Cost?

Ultimately each procedure is going to be different. When the infection has spread to the root of the tooth the procedure is referred to as a pulpectomy, which is more complex. In less severe cases where only the pulp of the tooth is affected, the procedure is considered a pulpotomy. Whichever your child needs, a root canal can often be more cost-effective than an extraction. At Tots to Teens we also believe in providing a variety of flexible financing options to make care affordable.

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