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Invisalign® Clear Aligner Therapy for Kids & Teens in San Antonio, TX

Invisalign is a popular clear aligner brand that can work well for adolescents, teens, and adults. Our office provides orthodontic care for patients of all ages, so if you, your child, or anyone else in your household wants to straighten their teeth using Invisalign, please feel free to schedule a consultation with our team! We would be happy to work with you and your family.

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young man inserting Invialign clear aligners onto his teeth

How does Invisalign work?

Once impressions of your child’s teeth are taken, they will be used to create their treatment plan and their first set of aligners. When the aligners arrive from the lab, we will have your child come in for an appointment to try them on, and we will make sure they fit properly and feel comfortable. Patients are then asked to wear their aligners as often as possible so the teeth can be shifted into their proper positions. Occasional appointments will need to be scheduled so we can assess their orthodontic progress, and so they can get their next set of aligners.

young man holding up his Invialign aligners

Is Invisalign painful?

Your child’s teeth are not used to being shifted, so they will likely experience some pain or soreness for a few days after they begin wearing clear aligners. We recommend that patients put their new aligners in at night so that the initial tooth movement can take place while they are asleep, which should help with any potential discomfort. You can also offer them over-the-counter pain medication, dental wax, and cold foods like popsicles to help numb the soreness. Over time, their aligners should feel more and more comfortable to wear.

plastic trays holding Invialign aligners

How do you take care of Invisalign aligners?

Patients who choose to use Invisalign have to accept the responsibility of keeping track of their clear aligners and keeping them clean. We advise patients to always keep their aligners in their case when they are not being worn to reduce the risk of them being lost or accidentally thrown away. Aligners should also be brushed every day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and soap to remove bacteria and any food particles that may have collected on them. Always rinse them off well before placing them back in, but not with hot water, as that can warp the custom shape.

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